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Volunteer Opportunities
St. Bernard of Clairvaux Volunteer Program
At St. Bernard, we understand the importance of the volunteer component. We encourage all families to volunteer their time, talent and treasure throughout the school year. We offer many opportunities to fulfill the 25 hour requirement per family. A fee of  $10.00 per hour will be assessed for hours not completed by mid-May.
We need several volunteers to organize and manage all of the volunteer areas listed below. 
New Families
  • Partner each new family with an experienced family. The experienced family will keep in close contact with the new family on each event and activity going on. (Home job)
  • Contact each new family personally to determine their volunteer contribution. Get a commitment. Follow up continuously. (Home job)
  • Acknowledge their participation personally each time they become involved. (Home job)
Cafeteria --- 
  • Assist cafeteria manager in serving line and with students. Contact Douglas Bradley for more information. 
Catholic Schools Week
  • There are always volunteer opportunities during Catholic School’s Week which will be held the first week of February. Contact Susan Mastervich.
  • We also need one-time volunteers to assist us with hearing, vision, and scoliosis testing.
Christmas Program
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with the Christmas program, both during practice and the evening performances.
Teacher Wish List
  • A volunteer is needed to monitor teacher wish lists. This individual would contact each teacher periodically to determine needs and post them in the Brief. (Home job)
Open House 
  • Our open houses are held in December and January.  We need everyone on hand to help us promote the school. There will be a great deal of work to be completed prior to the event as well as that day. Some activities can be completed from home, others will require manual labor and our combined talents. Please offer your time for this most worthwhile event.
Teacher Appreciation
  • A most rewarding volunteer area is in providing our over-worked teachers with a little appreciation. These activities can take many forms. Breakfast or lunch items in the lounge, special treats in their boxes, spend time in their class so they can take an extra break every now and then,………….you could be very creative here.
Home and School
  • This organization exists to promote our school, show our appreciation to teachers and provide all the "extras" for our kiddos. Contact Caren New to sign up! We meet monthly in the cafeteria for dinner and a meeting. Come join us.
Bears Care
  • This group of parents and students meet to help clean up our community. Please click link below to get on our clean up schedule - it will let you know when and where our Bears Care will be meeting. We look forward to seeing you.
Questions about volunteer hours? Contact the front office!