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Faith Formation

Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity is an integral component within our daily experiences at St. Bernard for students, faculty, and staff. SBS nurtures a Catholic atmosphere consistent with the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church while reflecting on Jesus’ message of love. It is through daily prayer, school liturgies, prayer services, the sacraments, and service to others that we sustain and shape our faith community at St Bernard. 

Our theme this year will focus on living the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). We will provide resources and activities each day for your child to live out his/her faith in Jesus Christ. Families can also strengthen their Catholic faith by visiting and for faith filled fun activities.

Calling All Saints

Each month we will be introducing and focusing on different saints and their feast days. Through the various lessons, the students will focus on the saint’s life and their calling to live their life in God’s way. The students will learn the value of love, forgiveness, and living a holy life. For the information on saints and feast days visit